A message from your Regional Director


As you know over the past year our union has been working to reform labour rights in Ontario. Bill 148 will make an incredible difference for all workers in Ontario. To help all Local Unions and representatives better understand I am circulating to you an important analysis prepared by Anthony Dale, Director of Unifor’s Legal Department.

Earlier this summer on a conference call with all Local Presidents we committed to ensuring that every member was well informed about the proposed changes and how workers and our union may be impacted.

The attached analysis will help you better understand the proposed bill that will be discussed this fall by the government.  The analysis is split into three sections, which explain how Bill 148, as it is currently proposed, would affect Unifor’s organizing, collective bargaining, and existing collective agreements.

I want to encourage every Local President to review the attached information and reach out to your National Representative with any questions. As you are aware, Bill 148 is not yet law and there hopefully will still be amendments made to strengthen the bill.

Thank you for your continued engagement and activism to make a difference for workers in Ontario. I know that it is difficult to maintain the high level of political action required over the summer months but you have shown our union’s commitment to organize and fight for fairer, better jobs for all workers in Ontario.

To access more information about the amendments that Unifor is advocating to be made to Bill 148, visit unifor.org/changingworkplaces and download the primer on Bill 148: Fair Work, Better Jobs Act.

In solidarity,


Naureen Rizvi,

Ontario Regional Director