Tommy Douglas or Doug ford?

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Ontario Premier Doug Ford finally came clean about his plans for our health care system – and it includes giving himself unrestricted power to privatize any health care service.

The Ontario government has tabled Bill 74, the so-called “People’s Health Care Act,” revealing their plans to “restructure” public health care in Ontario

– and private health care corporations can’t wait.

Bill 74 throws the doors to privatization wide open and drastically rearranges our entire health care system. This is being done without any public input, or input from the frontline health care workers who provide health care services for you and I every single day.

You and I know that profit and health care are a bad mix. Privatization lets people who can afford to pay go to the front of the line while others – often the sickest and most vulnerable – are left behind.

Will you send a letter to your MPP asking them to seek amendments to this flawed and dangerous bill?





In addition to opening the doors to privatization, Bill 74 will create a new “Super Agency” to administer the delivery of all health services in the province. But it will be run by an unaccountable group of corporate cronies who have very little experience in health care administration. Even worse, they will make decisions behind closed doors and there will be no opportunity to appeal their decisions.

We know that Ontario already funds health care at a lower rate than any other province and it has the fewest number of hospital beds per capita of any developed nation. Premier Ford’s bill will not provide a single new hospital bed.

Ontario is also second-to-last for long-term care beds. There are now more than 33,000 elderly seniors waiting for a spot – and many have been on that list for years. Premier Ford’s bill will not add any more long-term care beds.

Bill 74 includes massive changes that will put people’s health at risk. It will erode the quality of our health care while promoting privatization as a false solution that will set us back even further.

We must act now! Will you speak out against this dangerous new bill that puts all of us at risk?

We will forward a copy of your message to all Conservative MPPs in Ontario and make sure they understand they will be held personally responsible for the actions of their party.






Tell your MPP you want: 

  • Greater resources directed to health care, not service cuts.

  • A transparent and accountable process for any substantial changes to Ontario’s health care system.

  • A policy commitment against privatizing health care.

With your help, we can convince the Ford government to amend Bill 74 – or even dump it entirely.

There is nothing more important than our health. Thank you for taking action.


Mark Calzavara
Member of Unifor 567
Ontario Regional Organizer