Moment of truth for electoral reform

National President Jerry Dias told the federal government committee looking into changing the voting system that Canadians have given the government a mandate to bring in electoral reform.

“Our members and most Canadians believe that they voted for change in the last election. We voted for a change in government and in the principle of electoral change, expecting specific reforms that are understandable and explainable,” Dias told the committee on October 25 in Ottawa.  

His presentation to the Special Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform capped several weeks of consultations and work by Unifor members who mobilized to attend and speak at hearings.

“This process is quickly coming to a moment of truth,” Dias told the committee, reminding it that three of the four major parties in the last federal election supported electoral reform.

Delegates at the national convention passed a unanimous resolution supporting proportional representation. To see the resolution, a copy of the presentation or for more information on our campaign to change the voting system, visit

The committee is to report to Parliament on December 1.