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I’m voting to #StopScheer

Doug --

In less than one month, Canadians will elect a new federal government. What you and I, and every member of our union, chooses to do in that time can shape not only the next four years in our country, but decades to come.

As President of our union, I spend a lot of time with workers who are taking on the worst challenges that anyone could face. I often only end up involved in local issues when things are going badly for workers. Looking ahead to the election on October 21, I don’t want things to get worse for Unifor members.

I think of Jackie, from Local 222, who heard that General Motors planned to stop auto production in Oshawa. Then while campaigning to keep her plant open, Jackie found out she was expecting a child.

She didn’t stop her campaign, she didn’t sit it out, but I can tell you that she worried. Jackie now not only has to worry about trade deals, about labour law that favours greedy corporations, but also about the public services that we all rely on.

Public universal healthcare, affordable childcare, pensions, education and training. All of our families rely on these services, but all across the country, the public services that workers need are under attack from provincial conservative governments.

Jackie deserves better. So do you.

In this election, Canada’s workers need to elect a government that will put workers first, to reverse the affordability crisis that’s taken hold in urban and rural communities.

The next federal government must maintain public services like education, stop the Americanization of our healthcare system, and take on the big challenges ahead.

Just last Friday, millions of young people participated in the Global Climate Strike, actions that continue this week. Make no mistake, climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and workers are ready to rise to the challenge, but some federal parties seem to be too afraid to look at this reality head-on.

Instead, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives turn the other way, and cozy up to corporate lobbyists, White Supremacists, and anti-choice activists.

If Scheer’s party wins, then Canada’s workers will lose.

We can’t let this happen, for today’s workers, and for the generations that will come after us.

In this election, I’m voting to Stop Scheer. Are you with me?

Take the pledge today.

In solidarity,

Jerry Dias Unifor National President

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